Godzorro – The Masked Monster

cartoon style picture of godzorro wearing a mask

Millions wonder but no-one knows the true identity of the mysterious super dinosaur Godzorro.

Godzorro has been assessed as the most dangerous dinosaur in the world.

No reconnaissance team has ever returned alive from Deaths Head Mountain, Fear Island (in the Tortoise Islands) where Godzorro is believed to be based.

The WCD has identified five primary suspects and has issued the following advisory dossiers in association with the Government of the Tortoise Islands.

dinosaur in mountains with jet overhead

dinosaur in mountains with jet overheadWreckera

Photo, July 1998: Confrontation with Royal Scotland Air Force, Loch Ness.

Assessment: Wreckera certainly has the potential strength to be Godzorro, though Godzorro is believed to prefer hotter, even volcanic temperatures such as those found on Fear Island.

Directive: Avoid contact, do not attack suspect, leave immediately.

dinosaur in front of Egyptian pyramids

dinosaur in front of Egyptian pyramidsDestructaur

Photo, September 1983: Raid on King Tut’s Tomb, Cairo, Egypt.

Assessment: Destructaur instinctively appeared during an eclipse, which provided temporary cover. Eyewitnesses said fangs were similar to those reported for Godzorro. Eye color matches description.

Directive: High alert, exit vicinity when safe.

two dinosaurs in a misty scene

two dinosaurs in a misty sceneTyranotrus

Photo, April 1977: Tyranotrus with unidentified companion attacks army base in Nagasaki, Japan.

Assessment: Tyranotrus appears to be about the same height and mass as Godzorro, and exhibited similar mannerisms.

Directive: Red Alert. This dinosaur likely to attack irrationally.

dinosaur looks up at five jets overhead

dinosaur looks up at five jets overheadCatastropha

Photo, June 1992: Catastropha demolishes a power station, Brisbane, Australia. Air Force powerless to act for fear of civilian casualties.

Assessment: Catastropha footprints match Godzorro’s though his appearance in Brisbane was only three days after a credible sighting of Godzorro in Iraq.

Directive: Do not confront, evacuate any proximity region when safe.

dinosaur in bleak landscape, smoke billowing from the ground

dinosaur in bleak landscape, smoke billowing from groundDisastosaur

Photo, October 2003: Disastosaur launches assault on nuclear reactor, Pyongyang, North Korea.

Assessment: Voice print identification indicates that the dinosaur witnessed here is compatible with data on Godzorro.

Directive: Crimson Alert. Highest possible danger warning. Flee immediately.

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